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    We offer a limited selection of our first 4 releases, LOW001 to LOW009 as 1 item for the stupid price of30 euro It's limited to 20 including past promo stuff like a bunch of stickers
    You can combine it with other stuff for the same shipping price. Order your records and you get a refund if you pay to much on the shipping....
    LOW001 Ghost Mutt - Sasquatch
    LOW002 Coco Bryce - Dis Cam Belie
    LOW003 Hovatron - Hovatron EP
    LOW004 AK KIDS - Gassaku EP (feat 1000names, Coco Bryce, Slugabed, Argyle Pimps)
    LOW005 Various Artists - Beatitude
    LOW006 Halp - Tic Tac Toe EP
    LOW007 FilosofischeStilte - Golden Tooth
    LOW009 Ard Bit - Yelleen EP

    The Power Shuffles release is sold out for some time, sorry so NOT included.

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    Sold Out


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released October 24, 2013



Lowriders Recordings Rotterdam, Netherlands

With Lowriders Recordings we're on the looking for freshness.The music we like is between styles not your plain stuff. So we wanna hear the space between the genres like dubstep, funky, abstract beats, hip hop, skweee, electronics, 8bit, house, etc.
Main idea is to get some amazing edgy stuff from all over the world.
It should be skewed, crooked, mad and freaky as hell!
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