BOX 2: LOW014​/​LOW015​/​LOW16​/​LOW017​/​LOW018​/​LOW018​-​2​/​LOW019

by Julien Mier, Arts The Beatdoctor, Know V.A., Kypski, FilosfischeStilte, Strand

  • BOX 2: LOW014/LOW015/LOW16/LOW017/LOW018/LOW018-2/LOW019

    Limited box offer.
    So grab it.
    It includes the digital versions for these records.
    LOW014 Julien Mier - Jane's Junkyard
    LOW015 Arts the Beatdoctor - Lazy Thunder EP
    LOW016 Know V.A. - O horizon EP
    LOW017 Kypski - Wreck Fader
    LOW018 FilosofischeStilte - Munch Palace Vol. 1
    LOW018-2 FilosofischeStilte - Munch Palace Vol. 2
    LOW019 Strand - Maleza

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released April 1, 2016



Lowriders Recordings Rotterdam, Netherlands

With Lowriders Recordings we're on the looking for freshness.The music we like is between styles not your plain stuff. So we wanna hear the space between the genres like dubstep, funky, abstract beats, hip hop, skweee, electronics, 8bit, house, etc.
Main idea is to get some amazing edgy stuff from all over the world.
It should be skewed, crooked, mad and freaky as hell!
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